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9 Tile Rollers

9 Tile Rollers

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This Bundle of 9 Tile Rollers is at a discounted 10% off.

Our Tile Rollers are unique and help you create amazing tile patterns in just a few seconds! Roll across a flat clay slab and cut it out with the matching Square cutter given.

Each Tile Roller consists of 6 different Tile designs. Press down evenly throughout the length of the roller for an even pattern. 

Each order consisting of any number of Tile Roller(s) will receive 1 Sharp Edge Square + 1 Curved Edge Square cutter. You do not need to add in an additional Square cutter for this.

We encourage you to play around and explore which clay slab thickness and pressure to use when using the roller.

Length of Roller: 10.5 cm (4.13 in)
Length of Rolled Pattern: 10 cm (3.94 in)
Side of Square Cutter/ Cut-Out: 2.6 cm (1.02 in)

All measurements are approximate and rounded off to the nearest decimal.