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About our Clay Cutters

1. How often do you change your designs? And do you remove the old designs?
We add new designs all the time, there is no fixed schedule for it. We want to have a HUGE variety of cutters for all of you, so check in our website or IG @cutterglobe for updates from time to time!

No, we typically do not remove the old designs. All designs will usually be available all the time :) Edits to the size or removal of certain designs may be done based on feedback over time. DM us if you would like to check on any cutter detail!

2. What are the measurements of your clay cutters?
We currently offer 7 sizes - Studs (3 sizes), S, M, L, XL. All measurements and sizes available for each design are stated in each design's product page.

Our clay & stud cutters are all with a square base, so each measurement represents the length of the side of the square.

4. How do I know if the clay cutter is Left or Right?
Unless the Left or Right sides are tagged to the option, all display photos of the designs are of the Left sides, which are our standard and labelled as Left (Standard) - this shows how the cutter shape will look like.

For listings tagged with Left and Right photos, the photos show the cutout orientation. We are currently working to standardize all listings to this, please bear with us!

5. What is the depth of your cutters?
Our Studs are 4mm, while S, M and L sized cutters have a cutting depth of 5mm. XL sizes have a cutter depth of 6mm. If you would like a different depth, please contact us at :)

Ordering & Delivery

1. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we ship globally! You may refer to our Shipping Info for more details.

2. How long does it take for my order to be shipped out?
For more details on shippings, refer to our Shipping Info.

3. I received a wrong product, what do I do now?
Firstly, we are so sorry for this oversight! You may email in to us at with details, your order number and images of the wrong product. We will reply you from there.

4. Can I make changes to my order?
Yes, only if we have not started manufacturing your product, do inform us ASAP.

If it has started manufacturing or been shipped out, we are unfortunately not able to make the changes! So do double check before submitting an order!

5. Can I cancel my order?
Due to administrative and bank charges, we are unfortunately not able to do cancellations at this point in time. Do check before submitting an order!

6. I would like to change my delivery details, what do I do?
You may email in to to inform us of the updated details, together with your order number. Do note that if we have booked the delivery for your order, we are not able to make the changes!

7. How much is delivery?
Refer to our Shipping Info for the detailed list.

8. Can I self pickup?
We do not offer self pickup at the moment, but we are looking to do that in the future!